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"What was good yesterday is not enough today and tomorrow will be not enough what meets our demands today."

John Amos Comenius

History of the Department of Languages 

1952 Department of Russian language at the Technical College was set up with 6 members of staff- Head F. Hajdukievič and 5 teachers.  
1955 Department was renamed the Department of Languages and started teaching English, German, later French and Spanish as well. The Head of the Department was Anna Koščová, later replaced by Oľga Kámenová and Alexander Štern.  
1964 - 1977 Head of Department was Anna Ivančová, the number of teaching staff increased up to 16.  
1965 - 1967 language courses offered were optional.
1978 - 1981 Head of Department was PhDr. Ján Smarža, later PhDr. Anastázia Liptáková.  
1982 - 1989 Head of Department was PhDr. JUDr. Ján Savuľák.  
Department facilities were updated, teaching methods as well as teachers language skills improved by international cooperation /e.g. with the Department of Languages of Banská Academy in Freiberg, Department of Languages of TU of Heavy Industry in Miškovec.  
University textbooks of professional language for different faculties were published in several languages.  
The department started providing language tuition for researchers as well as Slovak for foreign students.  
The research focused on lexicography, stylistic and syntactic issues of specific professional terminology, grammar basics and basic specific terminology, methodology of language teaching at the non-philological faculties and modernization of teaching methods.  
The Department started to provide translation/interpreting services for the Rector’s office.  
The Department participated in the national research organized by the Ministry of Education of SR.
1990 - 1992 Head of Department was Doc. PhDr. Daniela Oroszová, CSc. Russian language ceased to be compulsory. During that period first foreign lecturers (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and France) joined the Department.  
1993 Department of Humanities of TU with 36 teachers was established by merging with the Department of Social Sciences. Officially, it became part of the Faculty of Economics of TU.  
1993 - onwards Head of Department has been PhDr. Janka Pavlovová, CSc.  
1996 the Department was renamed the Department of Languages and Social Sciences with two sections (section of languages and section of social sciences) and became a Rectorate department.  
2002 the division of the Department of Languages and Social Sciences into two university departments led to the establishment of the Department of Languages of TU in Košice. Staff increase their academic qualifications by PhD study, language and methodological courses as well as by foreign exchange programmes. The teachers participate actively in research activities and a variety of national and international projects. If needed the teachers also translate and interpret for the Rector’s office and the faculties. The Department makes every effort to meet the foreign language teaching requirements of TU faculties.
2006 the personnel of the Department of Languages of the Faculty of Aeronautics became part of the TU Department of Languages staff
present Head of the Department: PhDr. Janka Pavlovová, CSc.
the main aim is to teach at all faculies of TUKE in Košice, to diversify the teaching of foreign professional languages, emphasis is also put on research and project work
significant involvement of teachers in PhD studies