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What was good yesterday is not enough today and tomorrow will be not enough what meets our demands today.

John Amos Comenius

Talented Europe

Employees of Department of Languages at TUKE are partners in an interesting project funded with the support of the European Commission within Erasmus Plus, Key Action 2. The project was approved in 2015 with two Spanish institutions leading it - CIFP César Manrique and IES Puerto de la Cruz  (Tenerife, Canary Islands). The other partners are European Project Agency EPA and Out of the Box (both Brussels, Belgium). Department of Languages is responsible for the translation of all materials into major European languages and Slovak language, as well as media promotion and marketing campaign assistance. The research team consists of Mgr. Soňa Polakovičová, PhD. and  Mgr. Katarína Planetová.

The project aims to create a web platform and mobile application in order to link smart and talented students, as well as fresh graduates, to companies or institutions looking for such students across Europe. Research has shown that on the one hand, employers are much interested in such candidates, on the other hand, these young talented people seem to be rather “invisible” in the labour market. That is exactly why the main slogan of the project is “We are linking young talents to employers across Europe”. In addition to being easily accessible via a mobile application, the main benefit is the fact that the quality of the particular candidate is verified by their university, authorized pedagogical staff from adequate faculties or workplace. Students will definitely appreciate that signing up for this platform is FREE of charge.

There have been several working meetings since the start of the project (in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Brussels, and Luton). The most recent one took place in October 2017 in Kosice and it was also connected with a multiplier event, with project partners, students and companies taking part. They found out about the content of the project and the following discussion was a priceless source of new ideas and feedback for the coordinators. The final evaluation meeting of the project is expected in  April 2018 in Brussels, and the end of the project is planned for 1 September 2018.

Important websites with information about the project are as follows.

Web platform:

Project blog:



  1. Fred is a Talented Student and he’s looking for a job. He joins Talented Europe at and asks his college to validate his profile.
  2. Fred´s college receives a notification. A professor reviews his academic performance and validates that he is able to join the ranks of the elite students of Talented Europe.
  3. A business registered in Talented Europe finds Fred´s résumé and contacts him for an interview. Alternatively, Fred can directly apply for the job offered by the company. He receives a notification on the mobile app or website, and books a meeting with them.
  4. With Talented Europe, Fred has found an exciting job that fits his talents.