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What was good yesterday is not enough today and tomorrow will be not enough what meets our demands today.

John Amos Comenius

The Department of Languages is a university-wide department. It provides language teaching based on TUKE faculties' requirements. In addition, it offers optional courses. It actively participates in university-wide projects focused on the research of state-of-the-art teaching methods. In addition to these major activities, the Department's staff provide translation and interpreting services for the TUKE Rector's Office.


Pedagogical activities:

• Teaching English and German at all TUKE faculties in full-time and part-time bachelor and engineering studies,

• Teaching Slovak to foreign students,

• Language courses in the form of individual consultations for doctoral students as well as entrance and final language examinations for doctoral students at individual faculties,

• Professional examinations in English and German based on TUKE faculties' requirements, 

• Development and evaluation of English and German tests in the admission procedure based on faculties' requirements.