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"What was good yesterday is not enough today and tomorrow will be not enough what meets our demands today."

John Amos Comenius

The Department of Languages is an all-university department providing foreign language tuition for the Technical University of Košice. It participates actively in the university projects dealing with the latest teaching methodologies. Our main activities include language tuition, translations and interpreting for the TU as well as authorised translations and interpreting (German language). Foreign Language Teachers of the English, German and French languages ​​worked at the Department of Languages.

Teaching activities:

  • foreign language courses (English, German, French, Russian) at all TU faculties within the full-time or part-time bachelor, master study, as well as Slovak for foreign students and tuition of PhD students in the form of individual consultations
  • foreign language courses, entrance and final exam in foreign language within a PhD study at individual faculties
  • final exam in professional foreign language (English, German or French) at the Faculty of Economics
  • final exam in professional foreign language (English or German) within the study program "Geoturizmus"
  • foreign language testing (English, German or French) as a part of admissions at Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology and Faculty of Fine Arts.